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Valley Academy - Drama, Dance & Musical Theatre School
Darren Brierley 1405960195

The time is now, the place is Burnley Mechanics. One reason VADAS. Read all about it they cried as an array of talent took to the stage. Hosted as always by Valley Academy Principal Grant " let me entertain you" Bromley, accompanied with Sally "its my way or the highway" Bromley and the dancing talents of Charlotte "shall we dance" Ormerod and Millie "rumble in the jungle" Hall. We Dreamed a Little Dream as we felt like dancing in the streets at the Memories of what has gone over these last 12 months. Mesmorised or as some would say Supercalifragulisticexpealidocous, some people must have thought, I Want To Be Like You up on stage entertaining everybody. But for these youngsters these are the Bare Necessities of what they do and we are the Guilty ones who look back on Somewhere Thats Green, or is that envy. Either way we need to Let It Go and watch these young adults go Higher and Higher whilst they Colour Our World as we shout Hallelujah as the night goes on. The sky is the limit for these young starlets and from what i have seen tonight they can go higher than Flying A Kite to Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Just You Wait at what the future holds and we, as adults, cannot wait to Suddenley See more in these forth coming Summer Nights. They showed their True Colours tonight with their One Love of Valley Academy. So if you couldn't make these awards, dont worry they can always Fix You a ticket to their next brilliant production of The Lion King. No need to Say Something as you always have One Day More to book , but do make sure you book early. As we finish up on another brilliant year and wish three amazing people, Emma Taylor ,Tom Bailey and Jess Callan all the best in their future careers, i leave you with the words sung by the amazing vocal talents of Sammy Brierley. "Kiss today goodbye, point me towards tomorrow, we did what we had to do, won't forget ,can't regret what i did for love , what i did for love.
Valley Academy - Drama, Dance & Musical Theatre School
Matt 1337021212

Been to see their past few shows and they have been fantastic! All of the actors act really professionally and the quality of the acting is brilliant. Well worth going to see them perform as you won't leave disappointed!
Valley Academy - Drama, Dance & Musical Theatre School
An audience member 1336864960

Valley Aloud are absolutely fantastic. Their performances keep getting better and better everytime I see them. Can't wait for the next one!
Stagecoach Highgate
Maria 1318924967

I had no idea that going to this school will be so useful for my kid! I recommend this to all parents who want their kids to spend their time in something interesting and self-developing!
StageCalls Children\'s Theatre School
Clair 1318490378

I signed my son to attend some of this school classes and he is so happy about it. I really think they helped his self-confidence and treat him very nice so I have no hesitation when recommending the school.
Penelope 1318429532

The best activity I've signed my kids too. They are happy and inspired after every class! Kudos!
Theatre Cats Stage School
Stasy 1318337689

Theatre Cats Stage School is a place where my kid can have a lot of fun and develop a lot of skills, I am very pleased with the a personal approach and the most important - she loves to go there!:)
Dansworks Dance Academy
Elli 1318330836

I think that my daughter feels much more confident and very relaxed in communication, sionce she attends Dansworks Dance Academy, she spends her time in a pleasant way, that she likes and the same time received good tuition and becomes a confident and complete person!
Stagecoach Putney
Martha 1317883390

I am so glad I signed my son for this school, he has a lot of fun and also he develops his artistic side! Great attitude towards the children!
Anna 1317710624

This is a place where you can learn so many things and the same time it is pleasant and relaxing, I love it!
Stagecoach Chiswick
Alison 1317628900

I really enjoy my dance classes there.Highly recommend you visiting cause you will have a lot of fun for sure!
Stagecoach Southgate
Diane 1317215969

Favorite activity of my son! It is a great experience for him and I'd recommend Stagecoach Southgate to every parent!
Youth Music Theatre UK
Dona 1317127235

In my opinion the best that could happen to our kids is to participate in a project of Youth Music Theatre UK, because I have seen their performances and I consider them wonderful!
Stagecoach Chertsey
Jessie 1317038086

My daughter goes there and absolutely love it. The teachers are great and are always there if you need help. Everyone is so welcoming and we are like a family there! She enjoys her classes a lot and I definitely recommend that place!
Valley Academy - Drama, Dance & Musical Theatre School
Pamela 1317032226

I really enjoy my lessons at Valley academy.Highly recommend you visiting cause there you will find a lot of interesting people and a lifetime experience!
Valley Academy - Drama, Dance & Musical Theatre School
Steve Fidler 1316981867

Really enjoyed Valley Academys show 'High School Musical'. Looking forward to catching shows at christmas...
Valley Academy - Drama, Dance & Musical Theatre School
Austen Lowe 1316981676

I have loved every minute of High School Musical. Being a part of a Valley Academy really makes me feel so happy. We are like one big happy family. Come down and see for yourself. IT IS AMAZING!!!
Easy Stages Training
Susie 1316089671

I went on one of Maggie's seminars from work and I am very surprised there are still such devoted people. She taught us all a lot and was able to pay attention to everyone.
Lesley 1316089112

I have signed my son for one of Emma's courses and he was so happy about it. He really enjoyed and learned a lot. In my opinion, Emma is a talented professional who offers great services and attitude for reasonable prices!
Stagecoach Theatre Arts Caerphilly
Sally 1315999607

Love the classes - real fun and energy booster. Would recommend to everyone!

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