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Benefits of Learning in Drama Schools

Several famous, great and renowned actors, directors, singers and other performers had never stepped inside a drama school or attended any university courses. On the other hand, many others had reached the zenith only after honing their skills in a drama school. Denise Van Outen and Leticia Dean were the products of Sylvia Young Theatre School, whilst Ewan McGregor was a graduate of Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Here are some of the benefits of attending a formal drama school in UK.

  • The foremost benefit of learning the trade in a drama school is the opportunity of being seen by casting agents, reputed and budding directors, television companies, theatre companies and even motion picture companies. This is very important since being noticed is the first step in the furtherance of your drama, films or TV ambitions. You have to remember that the full year or years that you spend in the drama schools provide you many chances to come face to face with these people. In their own interest, they are also on the lookout for potential talents for their projects and they will be watching everyone in the drama school for possibilities.

  • Apart from the above exposure to industry doyens, you also acquire real and practical training, discipline and skills that will stand by you in a successful career, whether it is in theatre, radio, TV or films.

  • The drama schools prepare you both physically as well as mentally in all aspects of drama-related subjects.

  • By spending your valuable time in drama schools, you make it known to prospective employers that you intend to take up a life in theatre, film or TV quite seriously. You also convey that your interest in such a career is not only genuine but you are also prepared to put in hard work to achieve your ambitions.

Recently, a study was undertaken in UK about the background of actors in the UK industry. The study revealed that as much as 86% had undergone formal training in a drama school. The study further showed that nearly all of them believed that the drama school training had really helped them in preparing themselves as good actors. Hence, there is no doubt that the benefits of attending a drama school and getting a professional training are incomparable.

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