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The Drama Schools Locally is one of the premier information resources for finding your own local Drama Schools Company in the UK.

Do you have dreams of becoming a great Hollywood or Broadway actor or director? In that case, you definitely need to enrol in one of the several hundred drama schools in the United Kingdom to learn the necessary skills to fulfil your cherished ambition. You have a wide choice of drama schools that include full-time drama schools, part-time schools, boarding schools, summer schools, Saturday schools and even specialist University courses.

Many of the top stars of West End musicals or British TV shows had attended a full-time drama school or had participated in summer or Saturday drama schools to hone their acting or directing skills. Some of them attended mainstream schools also whilst getting their training in drama schools. A few went on to acquire even a degree in drama or theatrical studies. Of course, a few actors and directors did not have any formal education at all but spent their entire childhood in a full-time drama school, before becoming successful in their pursuits.

We have compiled a list of all the drama schools in the United Kingdom for aspiring persons like you. With our guidance, you can enrol your children in any of the schools or Universities for proper training in several fields like acting, make-up, lighting or directing. We also furnish information on the benefits of learning in drama schools, tips about UK drama schools and ideas to find a good drama school in UK. Our list of drama schools is exhaustive and you can easily find a suitable school in your area, whether you live in London, Birmingham, Bradford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield or any other city or town in UK.

Latest Reviews
Valley Academy - Drama, Dance & Musical Theatre School

The time is now, the place is Burnley Mechanics. One reason VADAS. Read all about it they cried as an array of talent took to the stage. Hosted as always by Vall...
Valley Academy - Drama, Dance & Musical Theatre School

Been to see their past few shows and they have been fantastic! All of the actors act really professionally and the quality of the acting is brilliant. Well w...
Valley Academy - Drama, Dance & Musical Theatre School

Valley Aloud are absolutely fantastic. Their performances keep getting better and better everytime I see them. Can\'t wait for the next one!
Stagecoach Highgate

I had no idea that going to this school will be so useful for my kid! I recommend this to all parents who want their kids to spend their time in something intere...
StageCalls Children\'s Theatre School

I signed my son to attend some of this school classes and he is so happy about it. I really think they helped his self-confidence and treat him very nice so I ha...

The best activity I\'ve signed my kids too. They are happy and inspired after every class! Kudos!
Theatre Cats Stage School

Theatre Cats Stage School is a place where my kid can have a lot of fun and develop a lot of skills, I am very pleased with the a personal approach and the most ...
Dansworks Dance Academy

I think that my daughter feels much more confident and very relaxed in communication, sionce she attends Dansworks Dance Academy, she spends her time in a pleasa...
Stagecoach Putney

I am so glad I signed my son for this school, he has a lot of fun and also he develops his artistic side! Great attitude towards the children!

This is a place where you can learn so many things and the same time it is pleasant and relaxing, I love it!

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